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Phoenix Sintered Metals specializes in manufacturing powdered metal parts and components that service a wide range of markets, using a variety of powder metal alloys. Our powdered metal parts serve such industries as Outdoor Powder Equipment, Automotive, Sporting Goods, Food Service, Hydraulic Fluid & Power, Hand Tools, Construction & Rigging, and many others. Phoenix has the resources to be your complete supplier and reduce your need to rely on numerous powder metal companies, depending on the part size, material, or annual volume.

Powdered metal part and component size capability is dependent on the size of the molding press. For every square inch of top face surface area, a press must be capable of applying 40 to 50 tons of compaction pressure. Phoenix has press sizes ranging from 30 to 825 tons, allowing us to make parts as small as triggers in a gun or as large as snowmobile transmission gears. Our larger hydraulic presses also allow the molding of longer powder metal parts, which may not be available through most of our competitors. With the press sizes available, we set the processing to the most efficient press size to maximize your cost savings.

Material selection is most often limited by the type of sintering furnaces that will be used in the processing. Sintering temperatures, both in the heating and cooling cycles, and the types of processing gases or furnace atmosphere, will control the characteristics that are required of your product. Phoenix Sintered Metals operates furnaces that are capable of sintering temperatures up to 2,500 degrees Fahrenheit or 1,370 degrees Celsius.

If you are searching for powdered metal stainless steel parts, requiring good corrosion or mechanical properties, or looking for increased strength through higher densities, Phoenix utilizes pusher furnaces. These furnaces utilize both 100% Hydrogen or a blend of Hydrogen & Nitrogen, depending on the properties required by the part application.

The furnaces at Phoenix Sintered are also equipped with VariCool cooling systems, allowing for cost competitive conventional sintering or sinter hardening of select material grades, without the need to send them to a secondary heat treating operation, providing better dimensional control.

Phoenix also offers a variety of secondary operations such as machining, sizing, tumbling, assembly, and a variety of surface treatments. We even manage our own tooling shop to keep your product running at all times.

"Our goal is not to be the largest company in the industry, but to be the best at all business ventures that we pursue."

Peter Varischetti, President
Phoenix Sintered Metals, LLC.